Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It's definitely been crazy down here when it comes to the weather, so my outfits go from spring friendly to storm caution in less than an hour.

This happens to be the first pair of pants I buy in recent years - excluding jeans or leggins - actual pants. I had stashed in the back of my closet until the weather called for them, and I shouldn't have because they're super comfy. I've worn them a few times since.

I did doubt the picture above because my hair is a little more wild than my liking. If I could, I'd have straight hair or big soft curls - sort of Keri Russell's in the Americans (great show btw), but I just don't have the time. So this wild hair it is.

Anybody spot the Wii remote on the table? It's been in high demand lately since I can't stop watching The West Wing, House of Cards, and Alias. I'm alternating between all three so I'm not making real progress. But I'll get there.

shirt: Gap, shell: unknown, pants: Target, shoes: Steve Madden.