Thursday, August 16, 2012


I am an idiot - sometimes. I did it again. I took photos of these amazing charcoal drawings, and I've no idea who the artist is. I know I found the works off of Dragon street in one of the many Oaklawn galleries. But still, I wish I knew their name.

I'm just in love with these. Hope you like them.

These really inspire me to do some drawing of my own. It's been a while because iPad drawings don't count for me (because I'm really crappy at it, but some peoples' iPad drawings have all my respect).

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The other day I had a dream about having the physical ability to lift my body into the sky and fly around as much as I wanted. In fact, in my dream, my brother and I had lifted ourselves higher than the clouds because we needed to avoid being seen.

When I woke up, I was saddened by the realization that it was all a figment of my imagination. However, I really want to fly now. It felt so liberating. Of course I will never learn or have the ability to fly, and activities such as sky diving are completely out of the question, so I'll stick to my earth bound feet to carry me around this world. But still, the idea of flying sure has kept me up lately.


Found at Jak & Jil. I want one lol.


I have to admit that I thouroughly enjoy taking pictures at night with the shutter open and just twirling my hands to see what I end up with.

The above one is a melting pot of three pictures. I'd like to blow up one of the pictures below to frame it, but I'm not sure which one I'd pick.

I know plenty of people have done this before, but I think I want to beat the horse myself for a little bit.