Saturday, June 16, 2012


Why is it sometimes so difficult to make life fit any kind of rational outline? This fact of life has proved to be highly inconvenient and exhausting.

As someone who appreciates order or at least the sense thereof, it is hard to sit idly by without tearing my brain apart trying to fix whatever needs sorting.

So besides having been spending a lot of hours in bed because my back is threatening to break in half, I've been trying to spend some time learning patience. A practice I seem to benefit from and that I find easier to accomplish when I take refuge in the sky and its many curiosities.

A couple of days ago I found great comfort in the lighting and thundering due to a recurrent storm Dallas just can't shake off. And today I couldn't stop staring at the sky and its supple clouds against the beautiful pastel blue.

So even though life continues to surprise me every day, I will continue to meditate and learn in the power of waiting.