Saturday, June 23, 2012


I was wondering if I'm the only one that every once in a while experiences an out of body experience where you look at your life and wonder how you ever got to your current present.

Honestly, there are so many things I can't trace back to their beginning or their evolution. So, I silently sit and observe my life from above and try to connect the existing dots knowing I can't connect them because I don't know them all.


As of lately, I've really enjoyed getting up one day and spontaneously picking a place to visit. About a month ago when we suddenly felt the urge to visit Houston, we also stopped at Huntsville.

Although it hosts few attractions, it is the home of Sam Houston State University and Huntsville State Park. And since I'm a sucker for both, we made a quick stop. The Sam Houston Statue is housed just outside the park, and it's huge!

The park itself was beautiful with plenty of camping grounds, biking trails, and the lake was great for some relaxing canoeing.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Grr! It's so hot down here in Dallas! I honestly had forgotten just how hot it can get. Walking around just isn't as pleasant, but the other day while I was shopping by the West Village area, I was persuaded into trying Pinkberry. The most delicious yogurt I've had in ages. It was so refreshing. I honestly was very tempted to buy another cup and take it home, but it would have melted so it was useless. I will have to wait until I make it out there again.

If you are ever in the area, please try the original flavor with the pomegranate sauce. Yumm!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I'm not sure when it started but somehow a men's shirt became my go to item when I want to be casual. I don't do jeans and a tshirt ...way too simple for me.

So I love the combination of some skirt or shorts with tights and an oversized men's shirt. Although this blue one was a gift, I gravitate towards them whenever I see a a cool pattern or some bold color stripes. (It makes me wish for fall even more! It's too hot down here.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Just ran across this picture.  It was too cool. 



A few weeks ago I went to see the Dallas symphony, and besides having a great time (including other pictures to come), I saw this awesome car in the parking garage.

Isn't perfect? One just like it is parked on the side of the road whenever I drive home, and I always wonder if it's the same one. Either way, I always stare at it. I wish I could've taken other pictures with it, if I had been wearing an outfit worth of it. Maybe next time.

Monday, June 18, 2012


I definitely feel better now that I've had lunch and a tad bit of chocolate.

I ran into these pictures yesterday and decided to share because I've always have had such fascination with branches. Not sure what causes it, but I just go with it.

In fact, I want to incorporate some of it indoors when I get to decorate my place. In the meantime, I'll keep shooting.


Good Monday everyone. I feel too tired to be even up, but I'm here.

Things to consider today:
Eat peanut butter sandwich.
Eat pineapple.
Read Dr Seuss.
Find stash of stickers.

P.S. I'm especially proud of myself for getting this picture without even trying.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Why is it sometimes so difficult to make life fit any kind of rational outline? This fact of life has proved to be highly inconvenient and exhausting.

As someone who appreciates order or at least the sense thereof, it is hard to sit idly by without tearing my brain apart trying to fix whatever needs sorting.

So besides having been spending a lot of hours in bed because my back is threatening to break in half, I've been trying to spend some time learning patience. A practice I seem to benefit from and that I find easier to accomplish when I take refuge in the sky and its many curiosities.

A couple of days ago I found great comfort in the lighting and thundering due to a recurrent storm Dallas just can't shake off. And today I couldn't stop staring at the sky and its supple clouds against the beautiful pastel blue.

So even though life continues to surprise me every day, I will continue to meditate and learn in the power of waiting.

Friday, June 1, 2012


I do NOT at all possess the body type to wear most printed pants. Because I do not have super skinny legs, I always must be careful with the pants I wear. If I wear the wrong type not only will I look fatter than I am, but also completely shorter (and at 5'3 I must do anything I can to elongate my frame).

So when I saw these, I immediately thought I couldn't wear them, and I probably can't, but I sure would at least like to own them waiting patiently for the morning I wake up feeling adventurous or indifferent to aesthetics.

Their overall feel is not overwhelming - some floral pants make me blink excessively - but these possess just enough vibrancy to make me develop some serious devotion.