Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I wanted to post this because these reflect a much happier me. Today, I'm just out of it wishing I was home, in bed, eating some soup and just relaxing. But instead I'm super busy at work, and I don't even see the end of it.

So as I take a break, I decided to post these of when the weather was a little more chilly. Not too far ago, since Texas got chilly out of nowhere, but of course, we're back to sweating as soon as we step outside.

I'm really thinking this summer might be too hot, so I'm already trying to think what to do with myself without going outside too much.

Anyway, I really like the this clutch, I'm sure you'll see it soon in other pictures. and the color of these tights? how great!

Fall 2012 here I come! (Except I still have to make it through the scorching summer) :(