Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Here's some extra pictures from open gallery weekend in Dallas about a month ago. I really enjoyed going out there and looking at what people can do. It was a tad bit intimidating, but it was definitely something to absorb and utilize as a catalyst for my own personal growth.

My favorite from this batch is the one above, but the horses and two young men are strong contestants. I hope you enjoy them as I have.

Again, I was so absorbed with just admiring everything that I completely forgot to take a note of the artists who produced these. However, they are all works from the galleries from Oaklawn and Dragon St in Dallas.

Friday, May 25, 2012


As the week goes by, I can't comprehend why I can't seem to have time to relax. This week was not supposed to be busy at all, but somehow, I'm still as sleepy and as tired as I've been for the last month.

I'm just happy that I have a three day weekend ahead of me, and hopefully, I'll sleep a little longer. Just a little, because due to some personal problems, it won't be a fun weekend. go holidays...

Anyway, I went to Houston, TX about a month ago, and these were snapped down there. The Woodlands area was definitely fun for a quick getaway.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I wanted to post this because these reflect a much happier me. Today, I'm just out of it wishing I was home, in bed, eating some soup and just relaxing. But instead I'm super busy at work, and I don't even see the end of it.

So as I take a break, I decided to post these of when the weather was a little more chilly. Not too far ago, since Texas got chilly out of nowhere, but of course, we're back to sweating as soon as we step outside.

I'm really thinking this summer might be too hot, so I'm already trying to think what to do with myself without going outside too much.

Anyway, I really like the this clutch, I'm sure you'll see it soon in other pictures. and the color of these tights? how great!

Fall 2012 here I come! (Except I still have to make it through the scorching summer) :(

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have to admit that all of the art classes I've been taking are definitely making me more aware of everything around me.

I'll admit I was already paying attention to a lot, but one thing I wasn't doing was paying attention to other artists and their works. And not that I'm doing a great job, but at least I'm starting.

About a month ago it was open gallery week in Dallas, and I visited a bunch of them all in one afternoon that was highly rewarding.

Here's the pics of some of the works that were highly realistic. The skill level put my realistic works to shame. However, it greatly inspired me to develop my skills even if it's just for my own personal pleasure.

I was so absorbed in the works that I didn't pay attention to the names of the artists. However the galleries are all off of Oaklawn and Dragon street.

This work above was just so good that I had to post more than one picture about it. The colors are just so vibrant that I couldn't help but think of paint combinations so that I could replicate the colors.

Friday, May 18, 2012


I can't believe it's been a month since I was last here. Time has flown by so fast. At the end of last month I got caught up with school finals, and then work just kicked into one of our busiest times.

Still now I haven't had much time, but I managed to download pictures from a month ago and since then, which I'll hopefully start putting on here during the next week or so.

These were taken the last time I was in Deep Ellum, TX. We were supposed to have a late night at the DMA, but instead ended up at Pepe & Mito's a great Mexican place I've been going to for years.

Anyway, I'll be back soon with tons of projects on the way.

Isn't this the coolest name for a barbershop?