Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh Brownie!... Please just one more!

Have to admit, I haven't had a super great time lately. Can't stop thinking we're all going to die or the world is going to end so why bother then?

However, my spirts are always lifted when I eat good food, and this weekend was no exception. I had some great authentic Mexican, crawfish boil (this would probably be my last meal if I needed to choose and if my mom could make it), and then I had the world's greatest brownie.

It was by Oh Brownie, and I could not believe just how good it was. You see, I've never been a brownie person. They are typically too dry, too dense, too spongie, you name it. But this brownie was so good, I wanted at least 10 more. Of course, I had to stop myself - especially since I'm tring to lose weight.

I actually bought it because it was being sold at the place we bought the crawfish, TJ's Market, and I had just read a great review on F!D Luxe. I highly recommend it! Eat More Brownies!

My favorite was Good Karmel - Sea Salt Caramel.