Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I wanted the last month's post to be sort of funny or ridiculous. So I wore my "I heart Michael" shirt. It is Michael Cera, of course, who I have a crush on. See? Funny or ridicuous depending on your stand.

Anyway, the weather down here has been beautiful and completely too warm for January. February is supposed to bring us colder weather but we'll see.

This tee was the coolest gift...

At one point my boss did ask me who I was wearing... she had no idea who Michael was thankfully...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"do you remember when I told ya, that I'd be the one to hold ya"*

I've been doing overtime at work ever since we came back from the holidays, and I'm just about to lose my mind. So I've been just looking at random pictures I've taken trying to think of something besides work.

So here's a few very random ones.

*The title is from "Sweetest Melody" by Johnny Stimson.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


With the spirit of the holidays in mind, I wore this beautiful red skirt to a typical dinner. I was overdressed at the restaurant we ended up at, but I'm typically overdressed, so I didn't mind the stares or double glances.

You can't tell much, but I was wearing an angora sweater, and it was surprisingly comfortable -- I had imagined an itch war, but it wasn't bad at all.

Oh and my shoes are by no means this shiny. The leather was treated to resemble something similar to snake skin and it reflected a lot of light; therefore, my shoes look silver, but they're actually more like metallic black.

Last, how fun is the apple shaped clutch?!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Black and White

I wish I was happy that the weekend's starting, but since I have to work tomorrow, it puts a shadow on my perspective that today is 1. Friday and 2. is supposed to reach 70 degrees today (I know, Texas has been very warm lately...)

SO I felt like dressing with no color today, just black and white -- not exactly somber, but not joyful either.

Have to admit I can't stop editing pictures with my Plastic Bullet App. It's just so resourceful...
it just makes my iPhone photos much, much better.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have to admit that I'm over the sappy romantic movies that seem to be a hit with the majority of the population - aka "Letters to Juliet" what kind of crap was that?! (I did watch it but against my will)

So naturally, I love movies that depict a closer reality to mankind's troubles or joys (of course there's always joy along the way). And when a friend of mine suggested I watch "One Day," I immediately jumped on it. And yes it was sad (and close to my own perception of time and life), but so much true to life. It makes me feel like I could connect with someone out there.

Just today I heard for the first time, "This Time" by The Feeling, and I immediately thought of "One Day." Almost as if a nice sum of how some people might wreck things, but you can always try again, especially when it comes to love.

SO here's the "This Time" Lyrics -- I couldn't find a video on youtube :(

I wonder what's in your head
Who's in your heart
And who's in your bed
I'm trying, I'm trying to see
What I see in you
What you see in me
But it makes no sense to me,but

I'm gonna do it properly this time
Gonna get it right
Gonna get it right
And if my love escapes me this time
I'll be alright
I'll be alright
Cos I did it right

I'm sorry but what can I say?
I'm paying a price for playing those games
Baby, you turned it on me
And now I can see things I never could see
Find More lyrics at www.sweetslyrics.com
I just want to make my peace

I'm gonna do it properly this time
Gonna get it right
Gonna get it right
And if my love escapes me this time
Gonna be alright

I'll be alright
I'm gonna try
Oh yeh

I'm gonna do it properly this time
Gonna get it right
Gonna get it right
And if my love escapes me this time
I'll be alright
I'll be alright
I'll be alright
Cos I did it right


How cute is this picture... love the little boy.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"River Used to Be a Man"

I came across this photo and realized it goes with a movie called "River Used to Be a Man" which I now want to see. Wonder if it's on Netflix...

But I really just liked the picture because it's a the typical composition for a female subject, not a man. And I'm intrigued by how he found himself here, in a wooden boat...


Even though I took this pictures a while back, I thought of them today because the sunrise was so breathtaking today. I really really just wanted to stand outside and soak up in with sunlight, but I eventually made it into work :(

I have to admit working is such a dreadful task to do these days.... and honestly it's a good job with good people. I just don't fit so well anymore...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A couple of words that linger in my head as we start a new year. I hope for the unpredictability and magic that make it all work together.