Monday, December 12, 2011

Pleated Leather skirt, sign me up!

SO I'm not one to love sweatshirts, maybe because in my mind I can only picture the chunky ones I always wore when I was little. I always picture them thick and frumpy layered on top of some ugly turtleneck. Well when I saw this picture I couldn't help frowning for a second - at the sweatshirt of course - but quickly realizing that I wanted the look badly. (Btw I still wouldn't wear sweatshirts because my boobs would make me look so heavy up on the top)

She looks so efforlessly good, the kind of good you achieve every once in a while and the beauty lays solely on the fact that you know you really didn't think about the outfit, you really did just throw it on.

Aww.... I should probably frame it in my mind as to think of when I'm thinking of the few holiday outfits I'll be wearing in just two weeks! two weeks for Christmas! Not that I'm that excited, it's just that time has flown by so fast...

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