Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So the secret needs to be out: I'm a physho. But not the kind that would sneak up on you in the middle of the night only to stab you 30 times while you slept. Nope, that's not the kind.

Instead I'm a physcho worrier. I worry. All the time. And the problem is that when most of the time I can push whatever is worrying me to the back of my mind (Of course it is often revisted with a new so-thought solution), when I really worry I get a very deep, sinking pain in the pit of my stomack (like the one I have now) and I just can't concentrate on anything.

So what do I do? Wait. It works out best most of the time. But sometimes I feel so pressured by it that I have to push myself to do something or I feel I'll explode. So here I am giving myself therapy.

Fortunately, frantically browsing the internet in hopes of a distraction paid off. I found these two lovely pictures at Shimmer Like Gold. Krissy, the 23 year old behind it, is always so good at finding good pictures (something I fail at miserably).

The top one is perfect for the current mood. I really do want to just be there, sipping green tea out of the cup below (how cute??). And then just as I eat the last cookie (because I always have cookies when I drink tea), I would shut my eyes and see nothing. Blank. I want to just let go. If only.