Monday, November 28, 2011


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was hectic and relaxing and sad and flat out uncomfortable, but overall it was a lot of fun. Tons of things to be thankful for... I try not to take things for granted.

However, after all of it I'm just exhausted! I can't seem to function properly today and I can't focus for too long. And my throat is a little off, almost dusty, so I feel funny when I talk. Yuk!

Well I'm still working on several projects, so I hope I have some decent time to sleep. I really need it.

Oh here's a couple of pictures I took just so that I'd have something pretty to look at while I'm completely brain dead.

I'm always attracted with pictures who cut the human form especially where there's emphasis on the neck. The neck is very important, to me, for some reason.

I'm in desperate need of a tripod so I can play around more.

I have to admit I'm still not fully over my lipstick obsession. These are the ones I keep in my purse at all times, and they don't seem enough.

BTW the lipstick farther out is not black, it's actually a very deep, deep shade of burgandy. And they are all Revlon, except the one in the middle which is Avon. I try to stick to pink/reddish shades and always in matte. Shimmery lipsticks tend to get on my nerves fast.