Friday, October 28, 2011


So, I finally bought an iPhone not because I was ready to keep up with all the apps or with the social networks, but because I was ready for a visually appealing phone. Its design its sleek and the touch screen makes it easy to text (or iMessage) when in need to be quiet.

I have only downloaded a few apps, and the only one that wasn't free (only $1.99) and the only that is worth way more than its I-have-something-to-do-with-my-phone value is the Plastic Bullet Camera app.

The app allows you take a picture and give it an effect resembling the ones from pictures taken with plastic cameras. It's got more than enough options to make your picture stand out far from what the original looked like (trust me the original from these pictures didn't look good at all).

As I've mentioned, I'm obsessed with taking pictures, but somethings it's nice to quickly give them a special effect far from a glittering typeface.

I highly recommend this for anyone who just wants to take pictures and "process" them fast with extremely easy accesibility to share. Here's four more effects I saved.