Monday, October 10, 2011

From Gloomy Texas

Isn't this girl the cutest? I've no idea where this pic came from as I found it on google images and when I tried to go to the parent website, it just never opened. And when I tried to search for it again, I couldn't find it. It's just too cute.

Anyway, It's been raining on and off again, so it's a tad bit gloomy, but I love it! The gloomy weather always gets me thinking, and although I've got a couple of things that could bring me down, I want to be optimistic. In fact, I wish I could jut go out and play in the rain.

But really, I just want to leave work and go take pictures, but since I've got class tonight, I don't really want to wreck my day. Maybe tomorrow...

On the other hand, any one want to recommend an SLR? I'm thinking of investing and could use some personal reviews.

Happy Monday!