Tuesday, October 25, 2011


(I really just like this pic because of the cross the bricks made)

I might be a little too obsessed with taking pictures. I just can't help myself. I typically download between 400 to 700 pics a week due to different angles, different lighting, different settings, but still 700 is a little obsessive.

However, I do not want to stop. I am a serious compulsive thinker and looking at pictures is a way for me to process what's going on in my mind. It sort of keeps me focused quieting the rambling inside my head.

Besides, I see taking pictures as a way to hold on to a moment, not letting it go. Time might keep going, but when I look at pictures I'm not just looking at what was, but what is, for I can relive it in my mind, my heart, my soul. Didn't mean to get melodramatic, just the truth.

This is what my desk looked like after emptying the contents of my purse. (All of the fruit I took to the office one fine day - very typical.) And I'm a huge believer of Emergen-C, highly recommend it.

Love these shoes!