Monday, September 26, 2011

With such a stare

Don't you love this pic? the stare? I totally want to be her.  She makes me feel I will make it through yet another week. 

I'd like to wish a happy birthday to all who were born today, including my little brother who turns 23! He's growing up fast. 

Other than that, I'm happily wearing tights and enjoying the chilly weather.  It seems I might go to a Dallas Cowboys game today, and honestly speaking I'm more psyched about the atmosphere (I used to love going to high school football games, can you imagine this?!) than watching the actual team play. 

My dad taught me from early age to dislike the Cowboys, and I can't say I grew up away from the idea.  I'm a much bigger fan of the NY Giants which typically lands me in hot water with my fellow Texans. But oh well! Anyone out there who doesn't root for their home team?

Here's to a new week **raises empty glass.**