Thursday, September 29, 2011

Because what you want can always be found within you

I need to get my hands on one of these.  Not sure if I'd have time to do it justice and fool around with it as it deserves (I've a painting project due soon), but I still want it very much!

Maybe it'll make it on my Christmas wish list...

Monday, September 26, 2011

With such a stare

Don't you love this pic? the stare? I totally want to be her.  She makes me feel I will make it through yet another week. 

I'd like to wish a happy birthday to all who were born today, including my little brother who turns 23! He's growing up fast. 

Other than that, I'm happily wearing tights and enjoying the chilly weather.  It seems I might go to a Dallas Cowboys game today, and honestly speaking I'm more psyched about the atmosphere (I used to love going to high school football games, can you imagine this?!) than watching the actual team play. 

My dad taught me from early age to dislike the Cowboys, and I can't say I grew up away from the idea.  I'm a much bigger fan of the NY Giants which typically lands me in hot water with my fellow Texans. But oh well! Anyone out there who doesn't root for their home team?

Here's to a new week **raises empty glass.**

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall, are you there? it's me...I missed you!

Today is officially the first day of fall! I'm so excited.  When I stepped out the door this morning, I was actually cold.  A about a month or so and I'll be in full Fall attire.  (I did wear tights the other day; I missed them so much!)

Which brings me to big Russian hats, I can't take them out of my mind.  I should hunt one down.  But instead I found these two pics.  Now I can sleep dreaming about them.

Seriously, here in TX we're more than ready to move on.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zig Zag your way out of (insert here)

How cool is this green zig zag pattern?! I totally fell for it the moment I saw it. 

So I was kind of excited of the fall arriving (I've finally started airing some of my fall clothes), but the weather just keeps playing on me!

It's still pretty hot out here depending on the time of day, so we'll see how long it takes me to wear my first light jacket to step outside.

Anyway, here's something I wore a couple of days ago. Very simple for a regular day at the office.

Btw I spotted this cool bumper sticker on the way to my car. How awesome is he?

I even tried to open the website but it wouldn't open, and googleing it didn't help much :(

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Around the Corner

Have to admit that I love just driving down the street and spotting a cool place to take pictures at.  In fact, if I didn't hate driving so much, I'd probably stop more often.

So I spotted this cool wall just driving to my parents' last weekend, and I dragged my mom so she could take pictures of this cool dress I thrifted recently.  It fits so well, and I love the cut.

Wore it with Target sunglasses, Lord & Taylor clutch, forever 21 hat, and Carlos shoes.

P.S.  My birthday is tomorrow, but I've been celebrating since Friday, so I gotta go to continue partying.  And my partying I mean eating, eating a lot.  Food makes me happy :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Life is ironic and funny - more often than not, anyway.  I snapped the picture away after the first time I stopped working on this project.  And below is the finished product.

What was funny is that all throughout I was careful not to cut myself to the point of bleeding (I did slice off the top layer of my skin, but not bleeding.)  Even yesterday, when I worked on it for the second time, I made sure to keep my fingers in check. 

But today, in the early morning, putting some paper in the printer whoosh! Huge papercut that made me bleed and bleed.  That's just life playing a trick.

This was a 10 x 10 with each black piece individually cut - almost painful.  And so sloppy, bad me!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

At the Park

I have to admit I'm a sucker for visiting parks - especially at night time. And lately, I've sort of just enjoyed time outside.

As state above, I'm pretty obsessed with braids right now. I can't have enough of them. There have been times when I've braided my hair and it didn't quite come out as a braid but rather a bird's nest. Not to worry, still practicing so hopefully I'll post something soon.

In the meantime, go out and enjoy the weather! Here in TX it finally slipped into the 80s. Have to admit leaving the summer has gotten me all nostalgic, but gotta move on; life does.

PS Totally craving taking out my bike (which would have to be rescued from my parents') and going round the block a couple of times.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Photography of Paul Virilio

I stumbled upon these pictures today and I can't stop thinking about them. Landscape photography isn't exactly something I follow, but these don't quite fall on the landscape territory and I love them for it.

The combination of elements, the arquitecture, and the natural surroundings make them a winner in my mind. Too good to not share, enjoy the work of Paul Virilio via Dossier. These pictures are from his Bunker Archeology book.


(For some reason I've had to retype 99% of what I've written today --my fingers seem to be too stiff today for no apparent reason.)