Sunday, August 14, 2011

While you were sleeping

With the heat that predominates in Texas for the majority of the summer, it's really hard to take pictures outside. And since I typically dress warmer than most (the AC is too cold at most places), standing outside besides twirling between car and house door is extra harder.

So these were taken rather fast, and right about 11pm when the heat is a little less intrusive. Wearing old navy jeans, jean button-down, tank, draped sweater, and M. Michael Kors shoes.

Yep, I did ware that many layers in freaking Texas. I'm used to it.

Btw, there's always something so inviting about being outside at night. Cold or warm, I always want to linger outside just a little longer. The geckos around typically present a problem, but I can dodge them once in a while. I need to figure out a way to stay outside longer; the night is too good to pass up.

I have tons of mixed feelings towards Andy Warhol. As always someone's personal life always influences the opinion I have towards them.

Warhol is definitely someone that has a place in the Art world, but taking advantage of someone else's creativity or having other people mass produce your art - not forgetting the arrogance - isn't exactly worth forgetting either. Nevertheless, here's something I thought looked fun.