Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sun Dried

The creative side of my brain has been twirling more than usual lately. I feel there is not enough time in the day to process everything I think about.

I definitely hate it when an idea comes to mind at a time where I cannot execute it or even write it down to work on it later. When I'm in meetings it happens all the time. Completely uncalled for.

Anyway, here's a F21 floppy hat, Macy's sweater, and Old Navy jean skirt. Paired with black socks and C. Santana heels. Somehow while I edited the pictures, I felt like water coloring dried vines (last picture).

It's my first ever complete watercolor piece - if you can call it that, quite aware it's nothing close to deserving of sharing, but I'm all about making fun of myself - and I think the only thing that has redeemable quality is the thickness of the vines. While I was 'painting' it, I really just enjoyed the 'chunkiness' of the color paste.

(Btw in the picture above I'm wearing the promise ring my dad gave to my mom 27+ years ago, how cute is it?)

This was the result of some Preview magic.

With this pic, I was trying to showcase the amazing clip-on earrings I was wearing. I found them at a thrift store, and I only wish I knew who they were by. And of course, taking pictures of yourself it's never that easy.

I layered way too many colors on this thing.