Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I am firmly convinced that I am the happiest when I am silly, which translates in doing whatever pleases me instead of others. (Warning: the practice of being silly often leads to people to stay away from you.)

I love the pic above. It was great to capture the shadows harmoniously with my hair.

I absolutely love the ice cream cones tee I'm wearing - which you really can't see here but it's awesome, but since I can't quite wear it alone at work, I paired it with a Target Cardigan and Oscar de la Renta scarves. Express Jeans and JS platforms.

(FYI: I just learned that people who are "swingers" don't say they "swing" instead they say they "Play." And no, I'm not a swinger.)

I love the lightiting in this pic. It's great when your camera malfunctions.