Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Robert Sheehan below

Being an avid watcher of, I was recommended to watch "Misfits." Most of the time, I blow off the suggestions, but Misfits did not disappoint at all. A group of kids who after a lighting storm end up with super powers (I'm not sure if by touching people to take over their mind and make them want to have sex with you is a super power but oh well).

I have to admit that I'm pretty hooked on this show right now, and I'm only sorry that it's six episodes per season. Hulu is just starting to post season two, so I can't wait to finish it.

But while trying to watch tid bits online, I found out that Robert Sheehan, who plays Nathan Young, will not be coming back for the third season. Oh NO!!!

His character is my favorite. He's a charismatic jerk, whose eyes are too pretty and distract you from his foul language. Damn! I'm not sure the show will be the same without him. And I haven't finished season two, but I really hope Kelly and him finally got together. (Kelly's accent is the best!)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next season. We'll see how it turns out.

This is the theme song the show uses. I love it! I can't help to dance to it every single time I hear it. It's contagious. I think it's by a group called The Rapture, and the song is called "Echoes"... I think.

Why the jumpsuits, you might ask? They're supposed to be doing community service. Ha!