Sunday, August 21, 2011

Effects with a sprinkle of Voodoo

I have to admit that I can't stop playing around with the "effects" in photobucket. I will stop eventually - specially because I won't have time after classes start. (I'm taking a 2-D class I'm totally stoked about.)

Since I'm just enjoying my free time, I have been able to just disregard anything constricting. I'm just having fun.

Funny thing. I went into this cute little boutique in Fort Worth (Earth something?) and saw these super cute voodoo keychain dolls. And about half hour later, I went into the Barnes & Noble across this street and found this cute voodoo book. Maybe voodoo is in right now and I didn't know...

More photobucket editing.

So I have the tendency to take pictures out of the blue and at unexpected times and places, so I was taking this pic - among many others - right outside of work, and at one point, the campus police came over to check on me! I ended up learning about the wildlife around campus, but still, I will forever be known as the weird chick taking pictures of herself - well feet in this instance.