Monday, July 25, 2011

Fort Worth Zoo

I recently went to the Fort Worth Zoo and had a blast! I love just staring at all the animals*.

It was also relatively peaceful, the children running around didn't get to me much, so I just enjoyed the day. (It was tough with the temperature being so high, but fortunately the zoo has tons of shaded areas courtesy of the high trees.)

The elephant above kept on moving the log back and forth as if it was a straw. I kept on wondering how fast they could throw me.

Aren't lions supposed to sleep most of the day?? He was sleeping when we first got there, I was lucky when he suddenly raised his head.

I loved this hat! I'm still not sure why I didn't buy it.

*So, when we were making our way out we passed by the house of reptiles, and I couldn't have resisted any harder.

Not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I hate most reptiles and amphibians. Not sure how it started (I have a texture phobia too, any correlation??), but it evolved into me screaming and then running everytime I see a reptile or frog or anything remotely close.

Last night there was a tiny gecko that made it into the house - corner of the doorway, sneaky bastards! - and I screamed and ran up the stairs in mere seconds! (it's happened twice this week!).

In times past, I've even cried :(