Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jackson and I

Last Sat. I had the pleasure of babysitting Jackson. My coworker's redheaded big boy was not exactly a hands full, but he wasn't exactly quiet either.

He was so bouncy! He's sort of just picking up on crawling and standing up, so whenever I sat him on my leg he would start bouncing, trying to stand up, trying to get down - which was no problem until he ended up flat on his belly unable to move. Then the crying started, but rapidly left after I'd pick him up and started bouncing him again.

He was so adorable. I'd babysit him again anytime!

He was sleepy right after, my friend dropped him off. But he was fighting it so hard. He rubbed his eyes and rested back on my chest occasionally, but would startle himself up soon after.

And then he finally passed out. I watched him sleep for a while. The best part was when he would rub his nose and eyes and would move just a little to both sides before going back to sleep.