Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coppell Farmers' Market

I visited the Coppell Farmers' Market yesterday and had a blast as always. It's such a small market, especially compared to the Dallas one which is huge and fantastic, but quite a ways from home.

So I got me some goodies. We mainly go for the farm, organically raised meat - beef, pork and chicken. Their pork ribs are awesome. But besides the meat, they also have other pretty awesome goodies. Plenty of herbs (I bought some genovese basil), veggies, fruits, honey, hand made pasta (bought some too), even organic soaps.

Anyway, plenty of pictures to show off my morning. And I'd like to quickly mention how every one thought I had on a rather silly outfit. I thought it was fun, and I needed the sweater since the wind was pretty chilly. Still I dress for me, so it's whatever lol.

I bought two cases of spinach angel hair pasta. It's so good! I typically get the regular pasta but they were out.

Dog treats! and Honey!

This basil smelled amazing; however, after smelling it all the way home, I totally got a headache.

I'm extremely sensitive when it comes to scents, which allows me to wear one drop of perfume only, but any more than that and I'm miserable.

This dandy purse has proved very utilitarian.

Coco absolutely loves the wind. When the wind is blowing hard, she just sits back and relaxes.