Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Indulgence of Sheer Black

Please excuse my indulgence in this set of pictures. I really like them and managed to only delete four from the original post. My mom has so much patience for our little shoots. However, they go rather fast as I just move and she just keeps the shutter open.

I haven't worn this dress in so long - at least a year. So I thought I'd give it a little love. I paired this with a sheer top my mother has had forever, and of course when she saw me wearing it, I had to apologize for taking it. lol

Dallas has been covered with ice for a whole day and with the temperature staying at 11 degrees, it's supposed to stay covered tomorrow too. Work has already announced it's closing its doors tomorrow, which makes for a perfect opportunity to just lay back and watch movies - just like today.

Btw I'm completely in love with these sunglasses I bought at Target the other day. Of course, they really are worthless when it comes to blocking the uv rays, but what the heck? they are awesome.