Friday, January 21, 2011

Forever Dark, Forever Young

These lips were inspired by Michelle Williams on W. I find Michelle extremely pretty despite her attractive features standing generally away from my brunettes preference.

Although I wish I had time to do my fingernails all the time, (like my toe nails which are always done) but life gets in the way too easy and too fast.

Whenever I do have time to get them done, I always make sure to coat them twice, and then an extra coat of the "No Chip" clear polish by Sally Hensen.

The whole 'no chip' thing is a lie - mine always chip within the first three days, but the look it gives the nails is totally worth the pain of redoing after just a couple of days. You must always coat them with the magically glossy clear top coat, you will love the difference.

The yellow glass ring was a gift from my friend's trip to Italy. I'm always afraid I'm going to break it.

I am addicted to dark nail polishes. I have at least 10 different shades ranging from deep blue to deep red and everything in between.