Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Life ain't always beautiful, But it's a Beautiful Life"

I have had a very interesting year. Full of ups and downs, hopes and fears, dreams and tears, but it has been a beautiful year anyway.

Can't say it was easy or that I liked it or that it's over, as many things will never be over, but just as there were bad things, there were plenty of good ones.

In the new year, it seems I will have to make some pretty important decisions and plan strategies, so I have plenty to think about.

Overall, I am grateful for one more year, and I can only hope I have many more to go!

Hope everyone is ready for a whole new 365 days! Oh, and here's some pics that got lost in the piles.

An unfinished positive/negative space drawing.

I chased the perfect pink Converse pair for years, till I found these! - btw their high tops

I love Toy Story, and I got these handsome boys as a graduation present! They now sit next to my monitor at work and keep me company.

The plant below was a gift from my boss, and it's the first plant I seem to have some emotional attachment with -- Could it be its proximity to Woody who I'm in love with?

Please don't shoot! I have no idea why I had this pose during this tiny shoot.

Buying Aloe Vera at Coppell's Farmers' Market, a wonderful bubble of goodness.

The day this photo was taken I sat at a Barnes & Noble enjoying a frappuccino calmly relaxing. I am wishing to have this same approach to the next year.

I wish to sit back and just take things one at a time. If I freak out it's not going to help any, so I will try my best to calmly make the best decisions/plans/strategies/sentences/lyrics/drawings/photos/cakes or cookies or whatever else is thrown my way.

Happy New Year everyone!