Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to December

Presumably we are about to get a cold front, finally! Although I really like to be able to just wear a a light jacket with a scarf to keep me warm.

Maybe next week while fighting the "possible" snow, I'll be able to wear the most awesome camel cape I found. I'll see if I can take pictures.

In the meantime, a light trench coat can do the job.

(These pictures were taken thirty minutes before seeing the doctor, who very chattingly, went on to diagnose me with several deficiencies and illnesses and whatever other crap is wrong with me--I've been taking so much medicine!)

On to a sweeter subject--La Rosca de Reyes is a tradicional bread we eat during the holidays. We had ours New Year's Eve, but I was so full, I only managed to eat a couple of bites.

The tradicion involves cutting up the bread in equal pieces and passing it out. Once biting into the bread, one lucky - or unlucky - person will find a little baby Jesus in the bread and whoever does find it (sometimes there's more than one baby Jesus) must throw a party in February.

We've never really followed the party side of the tradicion though.