Sunday, January 30, 2011

At the Mall across One Hundred Years of Solitude

Today I went to Barnes & Noble with my mom knowing I needed some calm time. I read fashion magazines and my mom reads cooking magazines, so we always show each other something that looks chic or tasty. It's great for mother-daughter bonding time.

Elle UK's compact size is perfect. I tend to think that magazines are cuter if they're on a smaller scale. And they're so much easier to store or rip apart for collages.

This levi's skirt became mine after I found it way cheaper than its original prize due to many imperfections. Some of the stitching is weird, the seams are off, etc. But those imperfections make it a go-to item for me. I just love it.

Can you tell I've gotten really lazy with fixing my hair? Maybe I'm just tired of the straight look, so these messy waves will have to do for now.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A mustard scarf to remember me by

School has started, and I'm getting busier by the minute. On top of that, I'm starting to work out everyday, and I'm sore pretty much all over. :(

I'm really trying to kick off some bad habits and picking up some new good ones: eating Raisin Bran for lunch everyday turns out to be helping with some of the medicine I'm taking and is low on calories Go me!

I'm already looking forward till the weekend; I get to buy more art supplies!

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Forever Dark, Forever Young

These lips were inspired by Michelle Williams on W. I find Michelle extremely pretty despite her attractive features standing generally away from my brunettes preference.

Although I wish I had time to do my fingernails all the time, (like my toe nails which are always done) but life gets in the way too easy and too fast.

Whenever I do have time to get them done, I always make sure to coat them twice, and then an extra coat of the "No Chip" clear polish by Sally Hensen.

The whole 'no chip' thing is a lie - mine always chip within the first three days, but the look it gives the nails is totally worth the pain of redoing after just a couple of days. You must always coat them with the magically glossy clear top coat, you will love the difference.

The yellow glass ring was a gift from my friend's trip to Italy. I'm always afraid I'm going to break it.

I am addicted to dark nail polishes. I have at least 10 different shades ranging from deep blue to deep red and everything in between.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"just carry yourself back to me unspoiled"

Dallas is starting to warm up. It was below freezing most of last week, which might mean nothing to some, but to us down here, it's on the chilly side.

Planning to wear a blazer or jacket to work in the winter is typically a pain, since they're too bulky to wear under my coats; however, this camel cape allows me to wear whatever underneath without compromising the fit. It's extremely practical.

This work outfit was a vintage black & white plaid dress, and a Ralph Lauren jacket.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Imagination is the bridge that takes us from where we are to where we want to be"

Ashley Smith: Vogue Gioiello December 2010

Look at those shoes! (Ilze Bajare by Leny Guetta)

Is this not the cutest bra from Victoria's secret??

Does anybody remember this kid?-well guy. He was the nerdy boy in About a Boy! I would have never thought he would look this good all grown up.

Kate Somers & Erin Axtell: L'Officiel Russia October 2010

Cameron Russell: Numero Issue 117 October 2010

Anna Maria Jagodzinska: Vogue UK, October 2010

I have always loved the white/off-white frilly dresses - especially with a sleek black jacket. Glamour France, September 2010

All pictures via

Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to December

Presumably we are about to get a cold front, finally! Although I really like to be able to just wear a a light jacket with a scarf to keep me warm.

Maybe next week while fighting the "possible" snow, I'll be able to wear the most awesome camel cape I found. I'll see if I can take pictures.

In the meantime, a light trench coat can do the job.

(These pictures were taken thirty minutes before seeing the doctor, who very chattingly, went on to diagnose me with several deficiencies and illnesses and whatever other crap is wrong with me--I've been taking so much medicine!)

On to a sweeter subject--La Rosca de Reyes is a tradicional bread we eat during the holidays. We had ours New Year's Eve, but I was so full, I only managed to eat a couple of bites.

The tradicion involves cutting up the bread in equal pieces and passing it out. Once biting into the bread, one lucky - or unlucky - person will find a little baby Jesus in the bread and whoever does find it (sometimes there's more than one baby Jesus) must throw a party in February.

We've never really followed the party side of the tradicion though.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

At the Asian Market

I live short of ten minutes from an Asian Market in Carrollton that I can't stop visiting. My goal has been to find out what to do with the stuff that I can't even recognize. And although so far I haven't explored too much, it has definitely been nice to get to know such amazing foods.

Give me anything sweet, and I'm in! (Although maybe I should stop, since the holidays were too much of everything)

I was not aware of how many kinds of noodles there are! My brother got us to experiment with some, and I have to say that I was very impressed.

Grilled fish, catfish specifically, has got to be in my top ten foods of all time.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Life ain't always beautiful, But it's a Beautiful Life"

I have had a very interesting year. Full of ups and downs, hopes and fears, dreams and tears, but it has been a beautiful year anyway.

Can't say it was easy or that I liked it or that it's over, as many things will never be over, but just as there were bad things, there were plenty of good ones.

In the new year, it seems I will have to make some pretty important decisions and plan strategies, so I have plenty to think about.

Overall, I am grateful for one more year, and I can only hope I have many more to go!

Hope everyone is ready for a whole new 365 days! Oh, and here's some pics that got lost in the piles.

An unfinished positive/negative space drawing.

I chased the perfect pink Converse pair for years, till I found these! - btw their high tops

I love Toy Story, and I got these handsome boys as a graduation present! They now sit next to my monitor at work and keep me company.

The plant below was a gift from my boss, and it's the first plant I seem to have some emotional attachment with -- Could it be its proximity to Woody who I'm in love with?

Please don't shoot! I have no idea why I had this pose during this tiny shoot.

Buying Aloe Vera at Coppell's Farmers' Market, a wonderful bubble of goodness.

The day this photo was taken I sat at a Barnes & Noble enjoying a frappuccino calmly relaxing. I am wishing to have this same approach to the next year.

I wish to sit back and just take things one at a time. If I freak out it's not going to help any, so I will try my best to calmly make the best decisions/plans/strategies/sentences/lyrics/drawings/photos/cakes or cookies or whatever else is thrown my way.

Happy New Year everyone!