Friday, December 10, 2010

I Become Part of the Past

Here's the last batch of drawings I had left to post. I'm not happy with the last two (a seashell and a badly set up still life of a duck and a wooden hand :{ ) But the rest are somewhat pleasing.

The first above the leg of my desk in our drawing room mainly done to get used to using pastels.

The one below was to master the art of cross-hatching. A technique I greatly enjoyed and will be looking forward to using it again. As you can see it's all filled with gel pen.

One thing that bothered me about our class is that it was all about technique with the different media (gel pen, pencil, ink, charcoal, color, etc.), so I rarely got to draw what I wanted.

This book and the wine glass was a small sketchbook project that I should finish. I had the freedom to choose the item and the technique, which I chose an "eraser" drawing.

You start by filling the page with medium gray tones, and then erase back to add light values and add more charcoal to add dark values. This is probably my favorite kind of drawing.

The wheel "picnic" drawing was supposed to be "color as you see it," so it took forever to layer all the colors to get the 'right' tone. My teacher liked it, she called it 'painterly" lol.

Oh and this is after she took them to grade them, so this one took a beating. It got 'damaged' and I will have to retouch it.

And these two I'm not happy about simply because I already knew how to use pastels so what was the point? and the seashell was just a weird assignment consisting of two more drawings that I'd rather not show.

And honestly speaking, they're just bad.

Regardless of whether these are good or bad, I will definitely miss my drawing class. It was a lot of fun and stress relieving lol

I will definitely keep using some of the techniques I learned.