Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Week's Aspiring Disarray

This post is way overdue. But here's a few unworthy pics from last week. I'm so busy (and frustrated and discouraged - in every possible way) that I've lacked the energy to take decent pictures, but I felt something is better than nothing.

I apologize.

Hopefully I'll get out of whatever I've got myself stuck in and will soon stand in a different state of mind.

These were drawings made by my best friend. I'm the cheerleader. And isn't this the most adorable guy? He's so nerdy looking but I can't get over the bow tie!

The pinata bought for my dad's bday. (He didn't appreciate having to hit the pinata to get to the gift inside lol.)

Lollipops are so underrated.

A work in progress; officially the last drawing I'll finish for my class.

These are my new Vince Camuto riding boots. They are so awesome, I can't wait to break them in this winter.

That's if it gets here, because Texas seems to be pretty ok with warm weather.

Gotta start planning Thanksgiving--tons of things thankful for.