Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Velvet Skirt

Although I'm not actually ready for cold weather, I am starting to enjoy dressing for cooler temperatures. This velvet skirt was just the item to get me excited about the cooler breeze.

Velvet is not typically my choice of fabric, but I love the richness of the color. I was very lucky to find this skirt in my size, but I do wish it was longer as it will be challenging to find shoes for it.

This past weekend I went to a couple of antique, vintage, and thrift stores. (I like to visit them all in the same day.) And I was extremely lucky to find this Whiting & Davis Co. cuff.

Whiting & Davis are famous for the mesh bags and snake bracelets, but they expanded their jewelry line. The moment I picked this piece, I had to have it.

These are beautifully blooming in our backyard.

Wearing: Max Studio velvet skirt, Gap silk shirt, F21 hat, Whiting & Davis Cuff.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Eco-light-freckles kissed

All these pics in my room make it look like I haven't left in years, but fear not! I have, and plenty. I can't afford to stop working and play online all day long...

However, I have made it a point to take pics outside, somewhere-anywhere really-and try to post it sometime next week.

I will try, hard.

For some reason, casual Fridays are always a problem. Finding the right balance between "casual," "unique," and "fun" is quite tricky.

Wearing: unknown shirt, Karen Kane vest, Liz Claiborne belt, thrifted hat, and Express Jeans.

Happy Bday (to me)

This post is a little late as my bday was last weekend, but I'd still like to say:

Happy Bday to me!

(When I got home from work, I was surprised with my room full of balloons :) )

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

N is for Nerd

Not only does this slogan refer to the shirt I'm wearing (early bday present), but it embodies this whole shoot.

What started as showing off the shirt, became a fantasy stage that probably only works for me. But oh well, as long as I'm happy in my Nerdy world.

This shirt would probably look a lot better if my boobs were much smaller. One of the few instances where being flat wouldn't be too bad.

Oh, and I got tired of my wall being so empty (all of my other walls are full of crap), so I started taping pics up. I'm starting to think I'll need a rotation sytem, to not get bored.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Behind the Wheel

I primarily took these pictures after getting caught in the rain and realizing it gave my skirt a cool leather-y effect.

Then I realized the pics weren't so great, so I tried to edit them according to 'composition' rather than showing off the skirt.