Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Silk strolling/Strawberry drinking

There is one ultimate strawberry milkshake that can comfort me from any pain, and it can be bought at Big State in Irving, TX.
From the moment my lips touch the straw, it's hard to let go, and only done when a voice response is needed from me.

Btw when I bought this shirt, I had Miu Miu S/S10 stuck in my head.

What's with this face?

Wearing: Ann Taylor striped shirt and brown belt, Gap satin shirt, Ann Taylor LOFT skirt, Jessica Simpson sandals, Fossil handbag, Turtle necklace (gift), Anne Klein watch, Jones New York sunglasses.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Charms of Time

I love Texas, but sometimes the weather can get a little sticky. For days like these, I prefer to wear skirts.

It shouldn't be hard to buy skirts, but I always have trouble. Too big, too small, too long, etc. So typically I end up adjusting them one way or the other. This skirt actually sits at the hips, but I belted it to keep it shorter and give it a better silhouette.

Wearing: Apostrophe skirt, unknown top, JS peep-toe sling-backs, Calvin Klein belt, necklace and charm bracelet (both Guess) were grad gifts.

These peaches and apples are from my mom's own garden. She loves her fruit trees.

I did it - I finally finished

I can't believe I finally graduated, but honestly speaking, I'm sad. I'm a big nerd at heart and I'm gonna miss school. (Currently saving up to go to grad school).

Other than that, I had a great time after the ceremony (not so much before). I had dinner with the people I care about and got plenty of pretty gifts. More on later posts.

Wearing: Liz Claiborne skirt, Old Navy top, Calvin Klein shoes, Anne Klein for Oroton belt, Anne Klein watch, and random necklaces and vintage bracelet.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Laced through the night

These pics are from a banquet I went to about three weeks ago.

My hair was a mess after the rain hit, but I forgot to take pictures before we left our room.

--- Totally love the lace dress and shoes lol

Wearing: Vintage lace dress and clutch, random necklances, JS platform pumps.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wind City for Today

It was hard taking these pics. The day was so windy (apparently a tornado touched ground nearby) and a lot of them came out blurry, but here's some we (mom and I) managed to snap.

My hair was everywhere!

Look at her little tongue

As you can see the weather was playing tricks, and one minute it was sunny and the next, not.

wearing: target shirt, necklace and belt, Ann Taylor Loft skirt, black leggins, and Franco fortini boots.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tutus under the sun

It has been a hectic week with finals coming up, but I can't help to waste time on the next outfit combination.

This skirt was love at first sight, and the sunglasses shirt is so cool I've been trying to get my friend to buy one for her. Unfortunately, she doesn't agree with my taste on that one lol.

When my brother saw this skirt, he said: "what the hell are you wearing? That looks like a tutu or something" My response: "I know! isn't it cool?"

Wearing: Target shirt, Talbots skirt, JS peep-toe slingbacks, and Claires necklace.