Friday, January 8, 2010

Michael Cera

Back in my high school years, I wasn't dorky, but I wasn't exactly cheerleader-head-of-the-drama-club either. I had my friends - from football players to geeky AP students, but I never really belonged in any group in particular.

However, what I remember the most is my inability to find the one boy that could read my soul, possess enough knowledge to score accidental A's in physics, and have the coolest playlist on his iPod. This boy seems to be the persona that Michael Cera represents every day. From his dorky roles to his cool aura in paparazzi shots, he seems to be the epitomy of my imaginary high school crush.

I've watched most of his movies - although not all were good, and have platered his picture on my bulleting board. I have watched Juno more times that I can count and can't wait for his two new movies. And even if his dorky persona starts fading with the years, I'm sure he will always be the dorky-innocent-too-cool-to-be-your-boyfriend to me.