Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

I think I've read about the Olsen twins New York Times story at every other blog already, and although they all have touched on the fact that the tiny twins are very successful, few have touched on how very lucky they are. I don't even mean the kind of luck that allowed them to land the role of Michelle Tanner on Full house or the company that captured them growing up through many movies. I am talking about the luck they have to have the money to discover who they want to be and how they want to be. At the present time there's plenty of things I'd like to do: go to fashion design classes, drawing classes, travel to Thailand and Vietname, buy shoes more expensive than my mortgage payment. But I can't for a very small thing that seems to disappear from me: money. SO I think above all things, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are lucky to have the opportunity to just wake up one day and truly follow what their dreams are calling.