Friday, April 24, 2009

To The Top

So let's just say that I'm sick. I've been on a treatment(which will end in a month) that has terrible side effects, and although I haven't suffered from the worst ones, I still have been victim of two occasions where I just "collapsed." Not quite literally, but it feels as if someone beat me up for three hours, and every muscle and joint in my body hurts. I've missed several days of work and school, and today I am back! Still sick, but better.

However, since I had all that time on my bed unable to move but a couple of inches, I finally finished reading the Anna Wintour's first biography "Front Row." I read of Anna's constant need to prove the pretties girl in her teens, of her independence from family, her indifference to the world, her lack of proper education - not even finishing high school, the fact that almost every job she's had was earned with the help of a male friend, and how despite earning the hate of almost every one she worked with, she still managed to wrapped around her finger the most important ones.

Her life is inspirational, despite the fact that she continually made other peoples' lives hell, and she always stepped on someone else if it worked to her advantange. Still the kind of success she's had in her life really make me wish I was her lol but I don't think I can be as ruthless, so probably not. Anyway, I propose to Anna's motto: Do whatever it takes to get to the top! --at least that's what the book said.